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The body is meant to move and allow you to function efficiently within your environment.  If it can not, or is limited, it negatively influences your quality of life! Lets work together to improve your health and wellness.

I offer a unique therapeutic bodywork/ manual therapy approach to the assessment and treatment of the body. Utilizing my 15+ years of professional experience, I try to view the body as its whole, not just a sum of its parts as it is traditionally viewed in the conventional medical model. I understand that for the body to function at its optimum, all of its systems must work together efficiently. 

I hold degrees in Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy, trainings including; Primal Reflex Release Technique, Musculoskeletal Alignment Technique, Advanced Orthopedic Massage, Applied Movement Neurology, and ongoing education in various approaches. 

A particular interest of mine is on the communication systems, the nervous system. More specifically, the autonomic nervous system and how it relates to stress, pain and dysfunction. This system, and its balance is often overlooked as most of its operations do not fall under our conscious control. This balance, or imbalance as is often the case, can be addressed therapeutically though touch, and reinforced at home with simple activities.  

My approach attempts to address this and other aspects of the body. Trying to resolve pain and dysfunction, and improving overall health. I would love to see if I can help you!

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